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Doctors in Our Practice

The optometrists at Village Optical form a comprehensive team to meet your visual and ocular needs. Experienced and capable, all of our doctors are licensed and certified in the state of Pennsylvania and undergo continuing education programs and training to ensure that you receive the best in eye care. Our doctors are equipped with, or have access to, the latest technologies and testing procedures, making certain that your eye exam is as complete and comprehensive.

Everyone should get a vision and health examination yearly. Seeing well is not an indication that there are no problems or that you do not have any sight threatening issues. Many diseases of the eye such as glaucoma, ocular tumors, and retinal detachment can develop without any visual symptoms. Maintain your eyes as you would your physical health or teeth by having them examined yearly.

Our certified optometrists include:

Dr. Gregory Vallino

Dr. Chris Boston

Dr. Heather Vallino

Dr. Vincent Zingaro

Dr. Sarah Derr

Dr. Tammy Le

Our trained opticians also receive professional training to ensure the highest quality care you can expect during your eye care treatment .Click here to find out more.

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